Africa Money Exchange is a leading provider of foreign exchange trading and financial risk management solutions to private individuals, businesses and institutional clients all over the world.

Africa Money Exchange offer our clients a foreign exchange services based on trust, discretion, integrity and superior execution capability.

We offer a comprehensive foreign exchange service to our clients including the following:

  • Spot Dealing: Major and Exotic markets with competitive pricing in African and other emerging market currencies
  • Forward Exchange Contracts
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF's)
  • FX Options
  • Treasury Risk Management via the FX Pro Live System

 Africa Money Exchange offers superior execution capability across a wide range of currency pairs with highly competitive exchange rates.

Our culture is deeply rooted in the values of trust, discretion and technical excellence. Our client's reputation is as important to us as it is our own.

We offer world class execution, technical and analytical expeertise developed over years of experience within the foreign exchange markets.

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