Investing offshore canbe very expensive without the additional costs of having to pay away high foreign exchange conversion and transfer fees to your bank.

Many clients investing offshore do not realise that there is usually an additional cost to sending money offshore: Foreign Exchange

The banks will charge you both a foreign exchange conversion margin as well as transfer fees and these costs can be as high as 5% to 10% from certain countries.

Africa Money Exchange are well positioned to offer our clients investing offshore the very best FX execution capability, no transfer fees and excellent customer service.

Africa Money Exchange offers our clients sending money into offshore investments the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed best exchange rates
  • No transfer fees
  • Book an exchange rate online 24 hours a day
  • Call our FX dealers for an unbeatable quote
  • Forward exchange contracts (FEC's)
  • Safe and secure

We will guarantee to save our clients money when investing offshore.

Please call our FX Dealers for more information.